Simple business model allows Cape Eco Trusses & Sawmills to adapt to market conditions.

The constant need to grow his business sparked Hennie Meyer to try his hand at splitting logs for fire wood for pizza ovens and manufacturing trusses, beams, rafters, columns, flooring, ceilings, and decking, all while giving back to the communities he works in.

Meyer says he has always loved working with wood. He started off with a bakkie and a log splitter and began delivering wood to several pizza outlets in Cape Town. After five or six years of growing the business, he became restless and, encouraged by requests for planks from his clients and a need to move on, he researched various way in which he could do things differently. 

He and his father designed and built a sawmill with a swivelling circular saw blade, and Meyer started producing planks and solid beams on a small scale. As his reputation and client base grew the demand for value added products, such as tongue and groove ceiling and floor planks, led him to invest in a range of second hand and new woodworking machines.



 The shade house at the award-winning Babylonstoren in the Cape Winelands was fabricated by Hennie Meyer and his team




 A close up of the design and detail of the shadow house Cape Eco Trusses & Sawmills’ build at Babylonstoren.



Cape Eco Trusses and Sawmills’ clients are mainly architects and people wanting custom-designed and specialised solid wood or laminated beams and joinery. The chief source of supply is invasive species like poplar, eucalyptus, and some pine, whilst exotic timber are imported directly through timber agents.

We offer an end-to-end service to our clients. We commence with a consultative needs analysis and then proceed to determine optimal design options, costing and scheduling of the cutting-, curing-, treating-, assembly- and delivery processes. We have preferred installers to refer to our clients to.