One of the most important things when creating a roof is definitely using the proper roof trusses. In today’s society, more and more focus is placed on safety, and this is why you need to have the best possible roof truss types installed in your home. Cape Eco Trusses offers only the best quality trusses manufactured from locally sourced invasive species like poplar, eucalyptus, and some pine, whilst exotic timber are imported directly through timber agents.

Basic Types of Roof Trusses

Pitched Truss: The pitched truss has a triangular shape with additional structural members within the triangle, and is used primarily in roof construction.

Parallel Chord Truss: The parallel chord truss consists of two parallel chords that make up the top and bottom of the truss, with diagonal and/or perpendicular webbing connecting the two parallel chords.

More Types of Roof Trusses

King Post Roof Trusses: The most cost effective truss. 

Queen Post Roof Trusses: Very similar in design to king post trusses except that the interior of the truss has two vertical ‘queen posts’ instead of one central ‘king post’.

Polynesian Roof Trusses: The design consist of  two pitches – a lower pitch on the bottom part of the roof, and a steeper pitch on the top part of the roof.

Howe Roof Trusses: Design includes vertical members and diagonals that slope up towards the center. The diagonal web members are in compression and the vertical web members are in tension.

Double Howe Roof Trusses: Howe Trusses are meant to span up to 11 meters and a Double Howe can span as much as 18 meters. 

Fan Roof Trusses: Fan trusses do not contain a main king post or center post, and are available in double and triple fan styles. The design resembles a triangle with inverted triangular webs on each side of the apex, both supported by central vertical posts. Double Fan Trusses reach a width of up to 11 meters and a triple fan may span as much as 24 meters of open space.

Custom Designed Roof Trusses: Need something different? We design and build custom roof trusses to order.